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CDM Advisory Sevices

CDM Advisor

As your CDM Adviser,  CDM North will be able to provide you the client / contractor with the correct information and strategic CDM advice on stakeholder engagement and external project risk analysis. Early integration allows us to help you with all your project cycle requirements and specific items for construction phase planning.

  • Provide strategic health and safety advice

  • Help clients to achieve their objectives

  • meet clients expectations on performance and design quality

  • Consulting stakeholders and identifying project requirements and key design issues

  • Carrying out or helping to commission initial design studies

  • Developing value and risk assessments

  • Assisting the client with preparation of a project programme - ensuring that it provides adequate time for the various stages including design and design development

  • Helping to prepare briefs, output specifications and other project documentation

  • Assisting in the selection of potential design and construction teams

  • Checking design and construction details of emerging design proposals for the clients

  • Checking appropriate aspects of the contract documentation

  • Monitoring during construction

  • Commissioning post-occupancy evaluations and feeding back information to the client and others

  • Checking adequate facilities management and maintenance regimes are in place

  • Advising on future modifications to the buildings

  • Advising on final disposal

Duty holders

The Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, have the responsibility to control and coordinate all the health and safety management requirements in the pre-construction and construction phases and this cannot be contracted out to a third party. CDM North can manage the duty for these requirements.

CDM advisers are not required under CDM 2015. CDM 2015 does not require a client to have an advisor. It requires you the client to appoint those with the right skills, knowledge and experience for the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor coordination functions. Failure to successfully discharge your duties could have various impacts on the project. Appointing CDM North as your duty holder will help all other duty holders meet their own contractual obligations. 

The client and Principal Designer must comply with their legal requirements. This can be done without complicated methods requiring straightforward actions. CDM North acting as your CDM Advisor will save you time, resources and costs pulling all the different variables together making sure the Client / Contractors get all the information they need for the project. 

Project planning

Pre - Construction Phase Requirements 


  • Committed CDM  advisor

  • Stakeholder management

  • Site Health and Safety surveys 

  • Pre Construction information

  • Design team appointments and attendances

  • Construction Phase Plan reviews

  • Constant CDM advice and feedback to clients​




Construction Phase Requirements

  • Phase Plan production 


  • Review Documentation 


  • Contractors design competency checks


  • Systematic site monitoring and inspections

  • Construction Phase Plan reviews

  • Constant CDM advice and feedback to clients

  • Development of the onsite health and safety file


Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Materials used in the design 


  • Manufacturers Documentation 


  • Contractors design competency checks


  • Systematic site monitoring of design

  • Construction Phase Plan reviews

  • Commissioning phase handovers management

  • Development of the quality manual files


CDM North can help all clients commercial, local authority, principal contractors, contractors help discharge the duties required to complete you construction project. Click here to contact us.

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